Got a brilliant email from Ketorah Williams about my half plans for another LA trip... Should I be going again? Why will it be different this time? 

I also chat about making the most out of opportunities and using my time wisely... or not using my time wisely and therefore learning to use my time wisely... 

We stopped a robbery! and worked on "THE NEW STRAND" of Acting Inspired with Stefan Menaul. Keep your bananas peeled for news on that.

Anxiety hit me hard this week but I'm embracing him and trying to make shit work! 

Ketorah's email filled me with joy! please feel free to get in touch as she did and if you're going to Edinburgh... Check out the shows Ketorah has been working on @Ketorahwilliams


This weeks episode started so well! Talking about Saturday's gig (Thank you to those of you who came out) Comedy, and then get caught up in the thought of the lack of acting work happening! I did talk about the importance of having some chill time with the famalam and going to see Kae's show again... But unfortunately, it seems I've had a problem with my hardware and a massive chunk went missing from the middle of the episode! Kaes show is awesome! Go and see her in GLORIA at the Hampstead Theatre, you won't regret it. 

I'm going back to counselling, Kae got another gig, it's all go but for some reason, I do start to sink at the end. Maybe I started too late today... 

Stick with me as there are still exciting things going on. Stefan is back so hopefully we can get cracking with the new strand.

Kaes going to chat with me at some point soon about GLORIA

Thank you for the emails and retweets etc this week! 


Just me today chatting about the pay the bills jobs we need to do to keep us afloat, but more specifically about how, for once, I have been able to look at this positively! I know! WHAAAT! It's nice to see London at 5am, it's good to get out of the house and focus on something completely different, just to give you a break from your own mind, cos if you're anything like me... We can spend too much time lurking in the shadows of our own brains! 

No auditions coming in! NADA! But again, not such a MASSIVE issue, why? Because I'm inspired by other opportunities that I have complete control over. I have other progressions to be makin'... don't get me wrong it's not ideal but it ain't the end of the world because I have other shit to do as well! 

I stopped going to counselling as I'm broke, so you guys have to be my new counsellors, thanks!

Comedy coming up at The Soho Theatre! 15th July (This Saturday) Downstairs £5 entry 16:00 get tickets here... 

Have a great week.


In today's pod I'm chatting with @LydiaKayE15 about her creation of the Acting Hour HASHTAG! #ActingHour

Lydia is great. She is super passionate and enthusiastic about acting and helping those within the acting industry. She has created a way for actors of all levels to connect and share ideas and share work and there's a hell of a buzz! 

We talk about Lydia's journey into acting, what lead her to the idea for #ActingHour and where she intends to take things now and into the future. 

Check out and everything #ActingHour on twitter @ActingHour

Get involved! It happens twice on Twitter every Wednesday in both the UK and USA!
From 1-2pm GMT/DST and 1-2pm PST/PDT. 


Singer/Songwriter/Actor Dani Sylvia joins me on the pod to talk about how she went from attending Guildhall to receive a classical training in acting, to becoming an awesome singer/songwriter about to release her debut album "Tall Tales". 

We cover going to Drama School too young and if that's even a thing.

Jumping into something because that's the path you're "supposed" to take as a young Actor. Only to then find out that it isn't quite right for you.

Worrying about discovering other interests because of what fellow actors may think of what you're doing and trying so hard not to come across as "the one who's giving up"!

We talk about Dani's first steps into the world of music and the feeling of fitting into a group that is supportive and kind and one particularly amazing and tear jerking story that showed her the power and necessity of songwriting and music. 

Catch Dani performing her debut album "Tall Tales" at the Bedford in Balham 8pm 27/07/17

Dani's music video for the song "Perfection Generation" came out on Monday 26th July and stick around to the end of the pod to hear it, its siiiick! 

You can follow everything Dani is up to on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram @danisylviamusic

She's on YouTube too and you can see all of this and more at


My buddy Stefan and I talk about our plans for the future of Acting Inspired and will be starting something regular as of next week! 

Thank you again to last week's guest Andrew Rajan, stay tuned here to find out how you can win a copy of his latest book THE BIG GAME!

I died on my ass at the comedy lab but it was good to embrace the bomb so I know what works and what doesn't.

I forgot to talk about my Philosophy taster class!!! next time...

The wonderful Kae Alexander is at the Hampstead Theatre and tonight is press night for Gloria! I hear great things so make sure you get down there!

In other news... Anyone else having a bit of an audition dry spell? Yeah me too! Why what is it? What is the Simple answer? I have no idea.... HAHA!


Andrew Rajan started out as a Mechanical Engineer at the Ministry of Defence... Not what you were expecting?! Me neither. After that, he just traveled the world a bit and then came back and went to Drama School... Ah, I see! 

When popping out into the real world from the wonderfully safe and warm womb of drama school, some things became clear to Andrew, as they do to most of us. This is not as simple as it was when I was at Guildhall. 

Stereotypes come into play, the extended periods of "rest" become a thing. Andrew didn't mess about, he saw brick walls and instantly got to working out how to get through, around, over and under them. 

We talk about giving yourself permission to be brilliant.

Nurturing your talent and looking after yourself.

Exploring all creative avenues that you can express yourself in.

Not giving yourself a hard time (referring to some of my previous solo pods). 

We also get into what really doesn't inspire you and using that as a springboard to fly in the opposite direction.

Andrew has covered so much because, much like Ken, he is curious and motivated by what is possible for him to achieve. 

So listen to this and then go and grab a copy of one of his books or watch one of his films and see what amazing things he has been able to achieve. 

I will be doing a giveaway of his newest book THE BIG GAME which comes out at the end of July. Check out the Facebook page for more details.

Follow Andrew @AndrewRajan on Twitter, AndrewRajanAuthor on Facebook and check out


Back to the LA diary style! I had a day of filming. Ive been holding on to it for so long like, "yeah I got a job coming up, just a bit of filming, you know..."  and now its gone... So what now? Is it possible that I can put stuff in the "pipeline" my self? 

Also I met a really nice dude on the way home and we talked about anger and being quick to react and the benefit of nipping a negative situation in the bud. He helped me remember something about myself and made me realise the importance, especially as an actor, of connecting with PEOPLE and how rewarding it can be.


Just a brief one today after my comedy class. Trying to get to grips with this new system as I move over to

I went to speak with Ken Rea AGAIN this week for some coaching and he helped me come up with an action plan with regards to my acting career.

Adding acting excercises in to my daily routine to be fully ready for when those auditions pop up including sight reading, vocal and physical warm ups. Thinking about what I want to get accross to directors in castings, and working out the best qualities I have to offer a director and how to best express these qualities.

Also please come to Museum of Comedy tomorrow at 7pm Sunday 4th June - The Undercroft, St George Church, Bloomsbury Way, WC1A 2SR. to see my hilarious buddy Isa Bonachera perform her Edinburgh preview - WOW! tickets availble here -

I will be there! come and say hello. 

Thats it for now hopefully this all works and I will find my feet again in the next couple of eps! 


Today Its just me again! Chatting about my exciting news with Blog Talk Radio and my conversation with PodVader about the future of Acting Inspired. 

For the first time ever I have been silently working away without an endgame goal... and because Ive been focused on what it is Im doing whether than where Im going, that work is starting to pay off in some way! its a small step but just knowing that someone over the pond found, listened to and liked the pod really made me feel pretty cool! 

Thank you to everyone who commented on the post and liked and shared all tweets etc... And thank you especially to Lydia and Laura my two book winners! 

I did my first proper stand up gig! TERRIFYING! its mad how you can stand on stage and recite Shakespeare to 1000 people without a hitch... well... its scary but you know, you get through it. But the thought of going on stage with what is effectively your own script, direction and acting is gut wrenchingly awful! You still get through it obviously but damn the fear is intense! 

Second time around doing the stand up lab at the Soho Theatre and its going great, really remembering why I love comedy and some great debates have been going down so thats awesome! 

Big thing I chat about in this ep is the struggle to balance all the different things that Im doing to stay motivated! Im trying so hard to keep working and keep proactive that other bits of life are getting neglected. Im learning to Juggle a little late in life so any advice would be appreciated! 

So thats it for another week! Or is it, Im trying to make this bigger and better for us so let me know what you think @actinginspired or 


This week I made a trip back to where it all started... The Guildhall School of Music & Drama to meet one of the best teachers I have ever come into contact with! 

We talk about making positivity a core value, ego and finding the right balance of that for times on and off stage. 

It seems to me a huge part of Ken's motivation is staying curious and always wanting to learn more. His life has been and continues to be one huge lesson. Always asking questions and never wasting a minute of his time. 

Just talking to Ken inspired me massively and Im sure he will inspire you too! 

For a chance to win a signed copy of his book let me know what keeps you inspired on the facebook page or email me directly from Alternatively go to Amazon and search "The Outstanding Actor"

Check out Ken Rea at follow him on twitter and facebook @Kenneth_Rea for advice and information about events that Ken runs and check out is blog at

I hope this helps you as much as it did me and thank you so much for your continued support. 



Episode 99 is here! and 100 is gunna be awesome! 

Its a brief one this week, Im excited about going back to Guildhall to chat with @Kenneth_Rea about his life, his book, his inspiration. 

But also on a SERIOUS note... Please speak to me... I would love to know who is listening to this and get to know you! Im gunna try and get better at the whole social tweedia thang. Il be doing a give away of Kens book next week along side the release of his episode. The Outstanding Actor. Its a great book, loads of exercises you can do to keep the imagination going, and chats with outstanding actors to see what they are doing to... well.. Stand out I guess... Apparently bright clothes are not enough! 

Anyway... Call me.


Jon Tozzi and Nathan Coenen Join me on todays pod to talk about their brand new theatre company Paper Creatures Theatre. Jon and Nathan met on a tour last year with The Lord Chamberlains Men. They spent many a late night chatting drinking and Netflix-ing... Getting in to a series called Friday Night Lights... They talk about how they were inspired by the stories of ordinary folks in this show and how they think it is important to represent our millennial selfs not just as phone and social media addicts but real people who think and feel just like everyone else! 

Their first show will debut at the Tristan Bates Theatre as a part of the Camden Fringe Festival from the 31st July to the 5th August and you can find tickets at 

Thank you to Ken Rea for putting these guys in touch with me. 

Nathan and Jon are lovely blokes and passionate about what they are doing so watch this space! 


@jon_tozzi @NathanJCoenen @paper_creatures @Kenneth_Rea

Shows Over! 

Now you gunna get sad? Or you gunna crack on and keep moving forward?

Keep up with the routine, keep a positive mind and keep working towards what you want or at least finding out what that is! 

Enjoy yourself but don't get so comfy you cant get motivated... and George Blagden interrupts...

All rambling really! but good to get it off the chest!


Grace Savage is a Singer, Actor and Beatboxer. 

listed as one of ELLE UK's 'Top 100 inspiring women' is the 2 x UK Female Beatbox Champion (2012 & 2013) and  2 x UK Team Beatbox Champion (2015 & 2016). 

Grace has played a long list of established venues with her solo music including Jamie Oliver’s BIG Feastival, Glastonbury, Shambala, Latitude, As One, Lovebox, Roundhouse, 02 academy Islington, Barfly Camden, The Lexington & The Bedford. Most recently she supported BeardyMan at Radio 1’s Academy, Showcased new material at  Music Tech Fest Berlin and SBTV RISE, Supported Scott Mills and FEMME at Soho Farmhouse and shared the bill with Nadia Rose at the British House in Brazil for the Rio Olympics 2016.

For her acting work, Grace was selected as one of the Guardian's 'Top Ten Standout Theatrical Performances' of 2014 for her role as ‘Jade’ in Home at The National Theatre and had a successful run at SOHO THEATRE with her one woman show BLIND.

Grace has received ongoing support from BBC Introducing and SBTV throughout her career and this year has been working with OddChild music and Sublime booking agency as well as being signed to Leni's Models as an influencer. She has just been selected as one of only six artists to receive support from the Emerging Artists Fund in association with Help Musicians UK and Pledge Music.  With the financial help of this fund and support from the public, Grace is looking forward to independently releasing her new EP in 2017. 

I had great fun with this one. We met up in a Thai restaurant around the corner from where Grace was working in a Hospital helping kids with their breathing through Beatboxing! She is super inspiring and worked so hard to get where she is. You're gunna love her!

Last week of my show this week too! So come down to Colchester to check it out!



A few minutes of deepness. I had a bit of a day this week where I lost track of what is going on and why I am doing the things I do. I have fallen out of a routine without even realising it. 

Im not sure why, I guess it happens. We get complacent when things are going well and our foot eases off of the gas so slowly we don't even realise. Before you know it, you are in the position I found myself in on Monday; Tearing my hair out with frustration at my own inactivity. 

I hope getting this off of my chest helps someone else as much as it did me!


My first guest for a long time! TOO LONG! I was bored of my own voice... Daniel Wye is a very talented stand up comedian. He is fairly new to the game and pretty good at it! He's full of energy, banter, crude, rude and lewd jokes... He has a presence that people are attracted to and sometimes scared of but expect to see him smashing it up in this world for years to come. I haven't had this much fun on the pod for a while and feel like this helped start to shape it up into more of the kind of thing I want to put out there!

Look out for Dan on the circuit and Go see and support him on May 10th at the Angel Comedy club for "So you think you're funny".



Its opening night!!! Its been a good week, we had tech on Monday which was awesome and we had a couple of dress runs! With all the other elements of the show layered up on top its looking really good and it reminded me of the importance of the art that all the different designers have presented.

I also chat some other waffle! 


PS - come see me in #HIDDENPLAY

Im tired! that much is clear from tonights late night episode of delirium...

But all is well. 

Rehearsals, Well.

Comedy, Well.

I'm down a, Well.


Rehearsals. Hard work. Tired. Exciting. I don't know what these words represent... its just late and I promised my self to get one out every week!!! And Ive been sticking to it since Christmas!!!

It will genuinely help you drop off! It nearly did me whilst editing!

I talk rehearsals, the comedy gig, being grateful and inspired and truly f@#*%ing chuffed!


Stand Up at the Soho Theatre! Turd on me doorstep! I start rehearsals today and realise that locking your self away to hammer lines and text work can also not be great for the old head there! Ive got the cabin fever baaaaad and its messing with me chemicals! Nothing a quick telling off cant sort out, a little meditation and all is back to normal as you realise you're being a totally ungrateful and spoiled dick!


Soho Theatre Downstairs Sat 18th March 4pm, Mine and many other folks first stand up gig! Come check us out and gimmie a message if you want free tix! 

YO, SO...

I don't have a partner to commit any crimes with today! Its just me.. monotonous ol' me :) 

Just chatting through some thoughts and plugging upcoming dates for the show HIDDEN and the Stand Up "sharing" marking the end of the ten week course myself and Kae have been doing at the Soho Theatre.

#hiddenplay @ecclesiatheatre @nicolawerenowska


Wed 5 - Thu 6 April 7.30PM Oxford Playhouse, 11-12 Beaumont St, Oxford OX1 2LW

Wed 12 April 8PM Norwich Arts Centre, 51 St Benedicts St, Norwich NR2 4PG

Fri 21 - Sat 22 April 8PM Marlowe Theatre, The Friars, Canterbury CT1 2AS

Fri 28 - Sat 29 April 8PM (Sat Matinee 3PM) Mercury Theatre, Balkerne Gate, Colchester CO1 1PT

Cast: Lewis Goody & Millie Proust
Written by Nicola Werenowska
Directed by Scott Hurran
Design by Loren Elstein
Lighting Design by Zoe Spurr
Sound Design by Max Pappenheim
Stage Management by Kerri Charles
Produced by Maeve O’Neill & Ecclesia
Funded by Arts Council England
With support from English Touring Theatre and Mercury Theatre

Comedy Stand Up LAB Sharing @ Soho Theatre, Saturday March 18th 4pm.

Use the code ‘YCsharing’ to get x2 free tickets per show.

Come see us having a crack at it!

And well done to my buddy @gblagden in Pitchfork Disney at Shoreditch Town Hall. Go check it out, it is intense and really well done!


I have been doing some hardcore prep for a show that I am about to start rehearsals for, so no guest this week! But I promised myself and you that I would get something out no matter what! 

So me and Kae got into bed and had a good old yarn about all sorts of nonsense.

We chat about a stand up class we've been taking, prepping for my upcoming job, being in the present, working on yourself and removing restrictions from our lives! 

What fun! 


This week we are back to the usual style and Joining me on the Pod is the lovey Paloma Oakenfold.

She is a truly one of the coolest people Ive ever met, I use the word cool a lot but Paloma is the definition in my opinion. 

She's had a great journey with ups and downs, as we all do, but Paloma has the ability to turn the downs into ups and has been gracefully dancing her way through a career in this industry. When she falls, she gets straight back up, carries on and finds another interesting path to take.

She is also just hilarious and full of banter. I loved recording this and I hope you love listening!

Paloma is currently the Resident Assistant Director at the Lyric Hammersmith working on SEVENTEEN so go and check it out in March and April.

Big Massive Love.



I know this isn't the usual number to celebrate but I wasn't smart enough to think of saving it 'til 100... 

Anyhow, to celebrate coming so far with the pod, through ups and downs, joy and sadness and all that other stuff, we have our first ever Acting Inspired guest return to tell us all about the progression of Boom Done Shop, how it is definitely possible to work too hard and how you can NEVER guess the hand that is being dealt to you! Is that a saying? I don't think so but it certainly fits the style of conversation that myself, Liam and Kae have...

What a journey this man has been on! 

This is a very special episode to me and I cant wait for y'all to hear it... So strap in and prepare to have my monotonous tones and Liam's colourful leggings assault your ears for two hours as Kae chimes in half way through and joins us on the love bus... I have NO idea what any of that means but nevertheless...


Twitter: @LiamFrankBergin  @boomdoneshop  #dannymitchell #Eastenders

Vimeo: Boom Done Shop

Instagram: @boomdoneshop

As promised, Michael's guided meditation for you to use whenever you want! 

Obviously I forgot that I don't have a soundproof, state of the art studio... but I have done my very best to minimise any background sounds that may appear.

If you like this, you will love Michaels retreats - Check out 

The first acting inspired bonus ep!


This week is a little different as we have Michael McCaffrey joining us to talk about the benefits of meditation. How it came to his attention and how it can be useful for actors or any creatively minded folk. 

I met Michael at The London Buddhist Vihara in Chiswick after Kae attended one of his many meditation retreats in Buckinghamshire. 

Michael has a great approach to meditation and Buddhism in that he see's past all of the, quite often, intimidating "window dressing" and mines the most useful aspects that help us find peace of mind and give insight.

As you will hear its not an easy thing to discuss the point of and maybe the point is that its pointless... Yeah, get that round your head!

I very much enjoyed chatting with Michael and he was also kind enough to record a guided meditation for us, which I will release at the same time as this so as you can use it at any time you like! 

Check out the goings on in Michael's world at where you will find info about his retreats and blog posts on some of those BIG questions...


Hannah Britland is an actress, model, writer, is hilarious, a wonderful nutcase, but definitely not a runner... I really enjoyed this chat. Hannah and I met when we were teenagers starting at Guildhall. She is super hard working and has persevered through a hospitalising illness and still continues to smash it to this day! I cant wait to see what Hannah's future brings and I know that this chat will inspire any young actor who listens. 

I stumble my way through a vague and frankly rubbish question about being a beautiful woman in this industry, something I really need to work on, I guess I have really been blind to any issues and therefor am not well informed enough to ask such a complex question. I, like Hannah, will persevere though and try to form my argument better for the next opportunity.

We're really getting in to the swing of things this year and I cant wait to see what you think!


Helen Sorren is an Actor, Comedian, Radio show host and now full time mum as well! we chat about how important it is to not put your life on hold for your career. Have kids, get married, go on holidays, go travelling, do what you want to do and make acting work around you. Helen is the kind of person who has an idea and goes for it, which has lead her to all kinds of interesting things. I cant wait to see what she comes up with next! Claudette also joins us for the duration, adding her own sound effects and jingles... consisting mainly of awesome fart noises! ENJOY!!!


This week Im chatting with Robin Steegman. Robin is a performance-maker/programmer focussed on site-specific and site-responsive work that takes place in different spaces, allows audiences an intimate theatrical experience, and reaches audiences that would not typically go to the theatre. Aside from acting and producing she works with Artesc as a trainer for The Art of Presenting Science course and hosts theatre workshops at Buitenkunst nearly every summer. ENJOY


We chat with our buddy Ed and compare our New Years Eves! One all pissed up and one meditating... Any differences? Maybe not as many as you think... We also name our 2017's and have a lot of fun while doing it! ENJOY!!!

A round up, sort of, of 2016. What we've done and not done and what we want to achieve in 2017! Im kicking the POD off again with a bang! I have some great guests lined up for the new year and who knows what other madness will happen. We are meditating for the new year and hope that this will get us in to the right head space for 2017! I'll check in again soon but for now HAPPY NEW YEAR!  ENJOY!!! 


My first movie from start to finish...  

It was a wild ride and good fun, not a lot of filming but a whole lot of sun.

I found some serious peace in Ibiza, learned a lot about the importance of organisation in this field and even with very little set time, had a good ol' practice at bringing everything down a notch to suit the camera.

I chat a bit about self tapes and auditions and probably some other mumbo jumbo! 


Its been ages! Ive been up to all sorts and multi-tasking aint my strong point. Here is what I have been up to. Im also experimenting wth a new mic for my more "on the go" type pods! 

I was in Ibiza shooting a moooovie! My first movie! but more on that later...

Theres a little beachy intro to get you in the zone and a little live music from one of the many hippy markets I went to in Ibiza to take it out. The song seemed appropriate for one of the subjects in the POD. 


Its been a good week! I have plenty to be chuffed about but when it came to doing the pod today I got frustrated and annoyed with my self. Ive realised a few things about my self that REALLY need to change and today is the first day of doing this! Im not even sure what todays pod is about but hopefully some of you out there share some of my frustrations and can relate to my feelings...

Or maybe I'm just a lazy bastard! 

Either way, 


Oh and check out Cai Brigden Adventure on youtube!

I chat to my buddy Cai about a trip he's going on to China, where he will be learning a Martial Art in the Mountains! I love Cai's ideas and adventurous nature and the kind of things he gets up to are quite frankly AWESOME! He has had a whirlwind of a journey since leaving Drama School, with all kinds of ups and downs like the rest of us. But the way he deals with the downs fascinates and inspires me to take more notice of my inner child. 

He has a great attitude and the warmest personality and I hope he inspires you as much as he does me everyday! 

Subscribe to "The Life of Jord" on youtube to follow him and his best mate Jordan as they travel up to the Mountains in China to learn Jiu Jitsu for six weeks! 


We are back and got straight into some Airbnb shenanigans, working at Guildhall and a few auditions and mini jobs! 

Its weird being back and it now all feels like a crazy dream. We have definitely learned a lot about ourselves, LA and we're both slightly clearer on what it is we want... I guess now its just about finding out how to get it. 

You will hear two versions of two very different journeys, the ups and downs and some realisations that were hard to swallow but easily turned into positives.

Im sorry its taken so long for me to get this out, we had to get settled after landing straight into crazy London, errands and chores!

We're back, we're alive and ready to go!



The final sunset, the final thoughts.

Groundlings, Kae Alexander, Friends, Surfing, Sea, Nature... Everything gets a mention in this one!

The Last ep, recorded in LA :( Back to London Town! Where I will sleep and then chat to Kae about her whole experience! 


It has been a week of goodbyes and lots of love has been flying around! Its been amazing and now we are nearly ready to head back. Kae has one last meeting on Monday before the rush of heading back, so its not quite over for her. Two more LA pods and then the trip is over and we will evaluate properly when we return!

For now enjoy me talking rubbish... the seriousness is coming I promise.


I took Kae to the airport and said fair well for now!

Went surfing in Malibu and shot straight back for my final class! I did not pass! (more to come on this later... after a think.)

After finding out our results, we went to the pub for a bevy and I pressed play on me recording thingy.


Kae had her two final meetings of the trip and ended in the place she started at Universal Studios. 

We experienced the worst traffic yet, making us very nearly late for the first time!

When we got home this evening we were greeted with a cabaret to say goodbye from our flat mate and his buddy Emily, they sang, the danced, they speached? It was one of the nicest things in the world and made us realise that not only have we done all the meetings and adventures into California but we have also made an amazing base of friends out here in LA who we will never forget. 

You will meet so many people out here and befriend folks doing all sorts and from all over so theres another perk for ya!


I go surfing, Im gunna get as much of this in as I can from now until the end... of time!

Kae gets an audition and general meeting for tomorrow and find out the play she did at regents park last year has been nominated for an Olivier!

I have my penultimate Groundlings class, which I now really want to pass as we come to the end of the term.

We truly did get straight back into reality today and although sad about leaving, its an exciting thing to be coming back to the UK with these experiences behind us and a new adventure awaits!

Big love to those of you checking this thang out...


This weekend we went to Big Sur and Santa Barbara. We drove down the open road along cliffs and through forests.

We had some strange encounters, some lovely encounters and some culinary disasters! 

We stayed with some full on hippies and some lovely chilled dudes who run a kids camp just like on Parent Trap!!!

I will post photos and videos on to my website. 

If you're out here and have a spare couple of days... DO THIS!!!


So we are off to Big Sur, as we leave this will be airing! 

We are getting out of our heads and into some nature. We will be staying in tents and wood cabins along the Californian coast line to see what we can before coming back to lovely London! 

We did have a brief chat about how we feel about the whole trip earlier today and I touch on this but will be doing a round up episode with Kae when we return. 

Have a lovely weekend and try not to miss me too much!



I address my scatty-ness and try to figure out how to make a positive out of of a negative.

Groundlings class goes back to being a little too relaxed for my liking.

Kae and I plan a road trip to get us out of our heads and in to the beautiful nature around us before we cruise into our last week before heading back across the pond to London Town!


Today I received a really lovely email from a great friend. It made me happy and sad and made me think for a minute about my situation here and at home and how we all feel shitty sometimes no matter what level of success we have within the industry. 

Its another messy one, Im trying to work things out and be honest with myself and my thoughts. Its sounds like a kind of sad one but its really not. First of all I guess Im just tired, its pretty late! But also Im trying to work through my own mind, which is difficult on the best of days! 

I come to the (sort of) conclusion that I need to decide HOW I want to work my way through this biz and that I also need to remember all of the other things in life that make me happy and do these things as much as possible to keep my self sane. 

Have a listen and see if it makes any kind of sense to you, maybe I'm just tired and it's all a load of waffle! HAHA!


I got excited and thought I was being all cool by doing todays episode on the way home in the car straight from the session. I apologise for a) my scatty thoughts, fresh from class, that had no time to settle. b) my terrible multi tasking. Which means theres some scattered thoughts about my class intertwined with a live commentary of my driving. 

Just so you know, my phone/portable podcast device was on my steering wheel in front of me.

We had a super aggressive no shit taking teacher as a sub for our regular teach who was away this week and I loved her. She really made me think about what it was we are trying to achieve and how we get to that.

I think I needed shaking up and I felt I gained from her methods!


Today we beached the hell out with Kevin Shen... It was awesome we went to Malibu the surf was great for our (basic) needs, we caught some awesome waves and made some friends!

Kae and I wandered around Santa Monica and really got into some holiday vibes! 

We saw a great busker in Santa Monica and it reminded me of the class yesterday and connecting to text through song.

We ended the evening with a beer and a bunch of shrimp @ The Shrimp Loves! Twas niiiice! 

We had a great day, I hope you did too!


SFA (singing and speech for Actors)


Today I went to what I thought was going to be an hour long masterclass on singing for Actors. It turned out to be a three and a half hour class that I couldn't leave because after the first dude was worked on and poured his heart out I wanted to see every one of them. Im still processing the class as it was a lot to take in, so tomorrow hopefully I will have digested it properly and give a more coherent idea of what I saw, but my initial response is that its as good a class as everyone says... and I realised I miss being in a full time artistic training.

The chat with Ryan Stuart is also here and he is such a positive dude always following his heart and "just doin' it!" We were in the car on Venice beach, watching the Sun slowly fall into the Pacific Ocean where we had previously been getting smashed upon by Neptune's Wrath during our surf session. Ryan is a great dude and it was lovely to hear his story.


Kae had a hang over and I had a late lonesome night so we were tired and slow this morning!

We got ourselves together and headed for the beach for a Brits in LA meet up... I was reluctant to do so and I try and work out why that might be! My insecurities pop up and I have to learn to cut it out!

It was lovely to meet some new folk and catch up with some old mates. I ended up really enjoying volleyball and I think its a really good idea to meet up with a few people that you have a lot in common with. It opens opportunities and is a great way to make friends! 

Im back alone again as Kae has gone out on a mad one with the lovely Paul!


Kae has another audition in Venice... Exactly where we wanted to go, post audition!

Had some good grub and a beer at the Venice Ale House. Hired some boards and rode some waves!

We record the podcast for Ryan Stuart's interview. On the way home I expressed some thoughts about my situation that scare me.


An interesting Groundlings class!


And Kae's friend bought us lunch! 




Im trying so hard to fight this bloody cold! So today was pretty relaxed and we tried to take it easy.

Kae had a general meeting with a studio that have connections with folks she has worked with in the UK and realised how helpful that can be. 

We then met up with our old friend Dani on Melrose Ave. and had a hipster ginger shot to be healthy and then to balance it out, I enjoyed a hearty meal...

I realise the value of having a parking space in LA and decide its time to get serious about this whole groundlings thang! 



I feel like I'm about to keel over! but on a positive note my improv has improved!

Me and Paul hit the arcade and had some Tacos, I went to my class and Kae went off galavanting around the desert. 

I completed my meeting of Ryan's family members and find his bro to be as inspiring as the rest of his family! He' a film maker and we chew the fat at a local bar after my class.


We surfed, Kae rode the first wave she caught like a pro... Even tho we were surfing like zombies! I snapped my board clean in two.

We played Settlers of Catan and Kae won! BOOM!

(a sneaky snap of our host for the eve - Bryce - with his valentines gift... a taxidermy bow tie, made by HIS host - Courtney)


We went to San Francisco, partied hard and had a nice break in a wicked city!

When in LA you are close-ish to a bunch of really cool towns and cities so if you feel you need a break from it all on a weekend, hop in a car and take your pick! 

We had a great time, we stayed with my friend Ryan's lovely family, got hammered and recharged.

We are surfing early tomorrow morning and then will see what this week has in store for us!


Kevin Shen joins me on a hike up Runyon Canyon!

We huff and puff our way up the steep dusty slopes and Kevin tells us all about being an actor from California, moving to London to work in the city and deciding to become an actor full time, produce a play and make it back to LA for pilot season!

We chat about everything from his journey to becoming an actor and setting up a production company, to fighting racism in London with Theatre and being a London based American actor in LA trying out pilot season... WOW

He is awesome. A very Pro active and inspiring human being. 

I cant wait to see what you think!



I have my mid course class and evaluate the situation.

Kae tells us all about her auditions and how she's feeling about it all and we round up the podcast but then carry on!

I am happy about discovering my passion and we're off to San Fran for my friends birthday and valentines! 

Kevin is up tomorrow but for now...


I get some great advice from Ione Butler about making the move to LA and how to go about getting a green card and keeping ourselves busy while we hustle! 

I also saw a Groundlings show with my Improv teacher Roy Jenkins.

Lots of fun and a busy day!


I reflect on yesterdays masterclass and decide it would be a great thing to do. They also have other classes and it can never be a bad thing to add strings to your bow. Its up to you to use or discard what you learn but you can never learn too much! 

I get a tan IN FEBRUARY! (i might have said January on the episode) 

I fall flat on my face again in improv class but this time I accept that I'm learning and try to address why I'm not getting it and what I could do to change this!

Its all good people!


Today I try to get productive and attend an acting masterclass at the Howard Fine Studio of Acting, which was a really cool experience.

I get some guests for the pod, send some emails and get taken back to me drama school days.

Whatever comes of this productivity, the main thing is I did SOMETHING and had a really good day because of it! 

I hope you like it, although this was a tough one to edit for some reason but i think its an improvement!


"What is it you're doing to help your self, Why aren't you doing it right now instead of going to the beach" 

Im sure I could be doing more here to forward my career but other than what i have done already I'm unsure of what IT is!

Yep thats right... we're back to whining! 

I watch the Super Bowl for the first time when I should be working on my career... Kae records two self tapes... I manage to convince a couple of inspiring peeps to come and chat with me! 


After a lovely positive day at the beach on Saturday, Friday's good bits have become highlighted in my mind so I think its good I waited to do it on this fine evening.

Sometimes you just need to take a step back and appreciate all the good thats going on and the opportunities which have come your way. The beach is the perfect place to do that, so thats another tick for LA! 

Kae had more auditions and I met some inspiring folk. I also chuck in a very odd experience for good measure!


Im scared to fail, so I fail! My class went terribly tonight, I was embarrassed and my brain locked off! 

Where has my imagination gone? 

How do I re-ignite my spark of creativity!

Kae is working like a trooper and does not crack in the face of fear!

There are so many positives as well though, its just easier to focus on the other!




This morning I read a tweet and it really got under my skin and brought out some issues I seem to have been hiding. It turns out I got the wrong end of the stick and didn't need to be as upset as I was although it did bring up an issue I've had on my mind for a while which didn't help with the messiness of my thoughts. 


Im afraid I still feel a little scatty and lost, however I met some really cool people today and the downs certainly came lashings of ups! 


Another audition for Kae and I decide to go to the comedy store so I don't have to think of anything at all! 


After a wonderful and long birthday weekend, we get back into it with hiking and my third Groundlings class!

Maybe Im on a comedown from an awesome weekend or something but the mood is odd today I feel lost but good and therefore confused! 

Reality can be a bitch, but as Kae says, we need to just keep going! I am being lazy and letting things get me down. Snap out of it and lets do this!

I hope its not too honest! 


We got drunk and face timed Cai Brigden! We were going to wait until morning to do this podcast but hey we did it honest and drunk instead because Cai told us to! I think we still managed to get some good stuff out but I am still drunk so that might be wrong! 

This is sometimes what happens when you feel a bit weird about everything but still want to talk about it! 



I have had the best weekend ever!

I went to the original Disney Land in California and re-discovered my inner child and we went to a Lakers match at the Staples Center where, unfortunately, they lost but I got to lose my inhibitions which means I actually won at life soooo... YAY! 

Big love to Kae for making this a super special birthday and to Paul my roomie for making an awesome cake and getting us in to Disney Land fo free!!!


So this is Fridays Podcast on a Saturday! We're in the car, thought it would be fun, apologies for the poor sound quality! 

Times have been all messed up again because people keep chucking surprises at me so I don't mind! 

Saturdays will now be up on Sunday evening/Monday morning because YET MORE SURPRISES!!! Im going to a Lakers game tonight!

Hopefully we will be home in time and compos mentis enough to do a weekend round up! 

Back on track on Monday! Big Love...


Kae Alexander came with me on the hike, she learned lines and I hiked! 

I had another what am I doing here/why dont I ever get seen/boo hoo me moment! 

But the sun was out and it was hot so we went to Santa Monica, had some great Mexican and chilled on the beach... BUT THEN... we realised I had to get to class and we hit serious traffic! 



A hike, a trip to the post office and some more line learning for Kae!

and a dominoes... WHAT! 





 Kae had her first LA audition and I had my first Groundlings class. Turns out I learned more than I thought! 

It was a pretty standard first drama style class, name games and fun!

On my hike this morning I saw some dudes walking a dog and recording a podcast! WTF! 

It inspired me to run home and do this... 



So... SH************T! 

Don't pay any attention to the times I talk about etc. Because the FREAKING internet in the apartment is NOT working! So I've now officially broken promises! Sorry... Im angry.

Anyway, Monday was cool. Two auditions for Kae, some good coffee and I make plans to become healthy again! HA!


Awesome weekend of drinking and comedy and learning lines and self taping and 

We hiked and made some new friends, both caught up with old friends and had a real Sunday kind of a day! 

This next week should be a corker... More meetings for Kae and I start my class at Groundlings!!!

I hope you are all well. Have a lovely Monday. Big Love.


Friday was a crazy rush to TWO meetings for Kae, both of which, we made just in the nick of time!

Kae joins us again and tells us about her meetings.

I stick to my promise of writing to my Agent and the Manager for notes on my self tape and continue to prepare for Kae's audition net week and a self tape to do on the weekend! 

We are two days behind because of time difference and my little brain getting confused, I will remedy this TODAY!


So it was another slow day in one way! Tryin'a save that dolla! However some mini breakthroughs were had. 

Stop needing to do stuff and just do it! Kae has a couple of meetings lined up and Im preparing for my course to start.

Tomorrow we will chat to Kae about her crazy week and I will go to the comedy store AGAIN cos I bleedin' love it!


Wednesday truly was a nothing day for me, Kae says hello, she hasn't joined me on the last couple due to learning lines for auditions etc. So thats exciting and she will tell us all about this once the workload is off! When you are staying somewhere for two months, you realise that you will not need to go on an excursion every day. You also realise that you are not exactly here on holiday and you are supposed to be here being an actor and "working". 

I need to do more! We are self employed and as my own employer i need to give my one employee more to do...

Its a brief one, but still...





Thank you guys for your support and for listening to this thing! 

Today was a tough start but as you will hear turned into a bit of a corker!

We went hiking, went to the Getty Centre, a Jewish Deli and Caught the "This is Not Happening" Show at the comedy store, which was awesome, then we got DRUUUNK!

I met two of my heroes and had a good chat with them (Joey "CoCo" Diaz and Chris D 'elia) and added another hero to my list - Tom Rhodes, he was hilarious and full of HEART!


So Sunday and Monday were weird! Kae went off to do her Groundlings one day class which "felt like the longest three hours off my life" 

We recorded her self tape and went food shopping.

Monday was TOUGH, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, the wrong way around and upside down! I get real honest with you folks, I felt terrible and try and work out why but I try to end on an up note so as not to drag everyone else down with me! HAHA




Starting with Saturdays POD I tell you about our trip to San Diego and extending our stay! Very exciting. 

Then straight in after that we have the episode I have been very excited about releasing with Jonathan Harden, the brilliant host of "in anything at the minute" the Honest Actors Podcast. He is right at the top of the ranking on iTunes for Podcasts for Actors and for good reason. 

Its a nice break from Mr Monotone (me). So sit back, relax and enjoy Mr Jonathan Harden!

@honestactors @jonatharden


So my lame excuse for missing a bunch of days all started with me eating cashew nut butter which is not great as I am allergic to nuts... I got sick, it was a day of ups and downs ending with a HUGE down. 

But the week got better and better and included; a weird but wonderful first ever float tank session, a meeting for ME, another meeting for Kae, an audition and a class booking and a change of return flights!

so its an action packed one... Sorry for the delay! 

Big love to you all!


WE have spent way too much money going out to eat! So we're eating in more! We binge watched Maron on Netflix and ate some chicken gizzard!!! and we put 4 dollers in a male strippers jockstrap! Woo Hoo Crazy SHIT!




Kae had her general at NBC! 

and we LOVE Marc Maron!

Are these descriptions getting more brief by the day?




A quick one today! Probably the closest to 10 mins so far! but theres good news all round. Im still full of anxiety and we're off to Pasadena to catch Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussel and more at the Ice House Comedy thang!




I sent some emails! PRODUCTIVE!

We got a US phone soda pop joined in on the chat!

I got told not to do comedy by a comedian I like, he also told me to stay away from the class they do at the store!

We had a good day! I hope you did too!


It pissed it down with rain, we had our first In n Out burger, I um'd and ah'd and Kae had her first meeting since we have arrived! 

Settling into a more normal routine, but hopefully thats because it was raining! 

Thank you to all those listening




Today was a hike up Runyon followed by a trip Downtown which was a nice reminder that everything is not all glitter and glitz! I had Sushi which is quite an accomplishment for me as it usually makes me a bit squeamish! We went to Little Tokyo and explored an awesome bookstore.  This whole new style is a work in progress but Im enjoying doing it and hopefully the idea will become more refined as we go along! I thank you for joining me and id like to give a special shout out to Cai Brigden for being my main source of honest feedback! 


Always wanted to come here! My dreams came true, a load of my faves in the line up and to make it even sweeter... The surprise guest announced was the one and only Joe Rogan! My fucking Hero!!!

Heres the wind up of the night!



Runyon Canyon hiking and Kevin Smith. Jumping into things head first and energy boosts from exercise and the beauty of the natural world!

Is this a self indulgent project?! 




The first of the new year! Me and Kae chat about the new year and what we want to achieve, we talk super intense, success hungry folk and business cards.

This is the first of the series of my new style for the new year. ONE A DAY!

with occasional guests (theres a corker coming up)

I hope you like it! Muchos love! 


This week I am chatting to Dan Baker, House Manager and creative producer at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth. We first met when I was 14 and have been friends ever since. Theatre brought us together and we are both still involved but in very different ways. Dan is doing a lot to increase the profile of fringe theatre in Plymouth and to help emerging artists from the South West progress. He's a sweet dude and very inspiring, hardworking and loves this theatre malarky. (sorry about the sound quality)

find him at...



Melanie Fullbrook is one of three founding directors of We Are Go People. She is incredibly switched on and an absolute pleasure to chat to. She really is a "Go Person" and what she has started with this company is really really cool. Its a great listen with some really useful tips and advice. I know you will love this and find it very Inspiring!

(We Forgot to take a bloody photo!) 




Little bit different this week dudes! My girlfriend Kae Alexander and I spent a few days floating around Edinburgh as the festival began to wind down. We went to a few gigs we had booked and a lot of spontaneous drop ins as well and we had an awesome time! We talk about what worked and what didnt and how we were inspired by a whole city of people creating their own work! ENJOY!

Check out...!womanz/cu08

WOW, ok so this week is a little different! To celebrate a month of Acting Inspired we're going big! Its a full on inspirational 1 hour 45 mins!!! I KNOW! the chat was so good I just couldnt stop it even after making a couple of half hearted attempts so here it is. Dean talks about growing up as a mischievous kid in Kernow (Cornwall) and then realising what it is he wanted to do as he grew up. WHSmiths to NYT to Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat to Baloo the Bear to successful Actor/Producer/Director to fitness freak losing 7 Stone in 6 Months! I told you its a MONSTER! ENJOY!!!


Measure for Measure

The Oresteia

This week we will be chatting with two wicked peeps! John Hoggarth and Ria Parry. John Talks about his Journey from starting out as an actor in school and the National Youth Theatre and making his way up the ranks until he became Co Artistic Director with Paul Roseby and what led to him leaving NYT and continuing as a brilliant theatre maker! and Ria Parry explains how she went from being SUPER shy kid at school, writing short stories to sell to the neighbours, to being a well known theatre director and now Mother! Together they run the theatre compamy "Iron Shoes" and we will find out how they got to this point and what acting and theatre means to them both. They are so cool and their little one joins us at the end as well! Good chats! Check out and follow them on twitter @iron_shoes @riaparry and @jfhoggarth



MORNIN PEEPS! Tim Bowie, one of the co founders of Invertigo Theatre chats to me about the starting a company with his mates at drama school, sitting in a burger bar after a show and saying "we can do better than that!" and so Invertigo was born! He's a dude, and a pleasure to chat to. Check out and follow 'em on Twitter @InvertigoCo...




Yo Yo Yo this is the 4th episode of acting inspired@SamGSwann Talks to me about producing the short film "The Listener" and how working on this project has effected him. We talk about his future projects and how taking on the producer role has helped him with acting jobs away from his own work. Its a wicked chat, he's full of banter and it was a pleasure chatting to him!



YO!  George Turvey is the Artistic Director and founder of the awesome Papatango Theatre Company. Papatango uncovers the best and brightest new talent in the UK, with an absolute commitment to bringing such work to the stage. I chat with George about the creation of Papatango and how it developed from a group of mates putting on a play, to a company giving young creatives amazing opportunities within the theatre scene. Follow @PapaTangoTC and check out to see what they're up to!



YAOOW! FIRST INTERVIEW EVER! Liam Berigin is a fine actor who now has his own clothing brand, BOOM DONE SHOP! We talk about how the idea to make T-Shirts came to him and how this has affected his acting career and where he is hoping to go with it all. Check out to see and purchase his work and keep up to date on Twitter @boomdoneshop 



SUUUUP PEOPLE! Its finally here! The very first episode of Acting Inspired. This is the "about me" episode. Its a little one to give you an idea of what this is all about and why I have decided to do this, what INSPIRED me to do so and what I'm hoping to achieve. Check out facebook/actinginspired @actinginspired on Twitter. I would love your feedback and critisisms! Enjoy and let me know what you think.