Acting inspired podcast.

YO! Ladies and gents, dudes and chicks! This is the home of the Acting Inspired Podcast, dedicated to keeping you inspired! I give you an Idea of being an Actor living in London through a sporadic audio diary and chat to Actors and creatives who inspire me with the work that they have produced off of their own backs. This could be folks who have created their own theatre companies or films or small businesses from cake stalls to independent clothing brands and even Podcasts!

We are at a point in time where just being an "Actor" isn't enough. The reality is that there are more actors than jobs at any one point. After changing a few things about my self and listening to podcasts and watching a web series called "High Maintenance" (which is awesome and I highly recommend it! - I became more proactive, which in turn made me feel more positive, which in turn made me feel happier, which then made me more successful! 

This all started when "the industry" was stressing me out and I found something that motivated and inspired me... PODCASTS! They quickly became my creative passion and this is something that is so valuable when you are in a profession that can be quite hard on you. Until I found another passion I had a tendency of getting down and super negative and this did not help my acting career in any way. 

So ANYWAY! because podcasts inspired me and helped me so much within my career and life I thought I could create a podcast to try and inspire other actors.

So between the diary vibe episodes, I will speak to an actor or creative for an hour or so, about the work they create on their own and how that has effected them. I will ask them about how the idea came to them and why they felt the need to make it into a reality, what their biggest obstacles and fears were, how they overcame these things and the steps they took to get started with whatever their thang is! 

Hopefully the work they have created or just their proactive, positive attitude will inspire and motivate others to create something awesome and then THEY can come on the podcast... and so you see its a never ending cycle of awesomeness! 

I hope you like it. Do let me know what you think on twitter and Facebook.


Lewis xx

Ps. A massive thank you to Katie Blagden for creating the Acting Inspired art work! So happy with it. You can follow Katie on twitter @KatieBlagden and buy her amazing art at 

A huge thank you also to my Girlfriend Kae Alexander for joining me on this journey and my friends who pushed me to do this- Cai Brigden, Stefan Menaul, Kingsley Ben-Adir and all you other fuckers who kicked me up the arse! Big love and much respect!